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Job vacancies

Thank you for your interest in joining the team at Merstham Primary School.

Everyone working here has a part to play in ensuring that the children in our care are safe, happy and successful. We expect children to treat all adults working here with trust and respect. We expect all adults who work here to:

  • Familiarise themselves with the school’s aims, displayed in the school and to act in accordance with them;
  • Ensure that children are not disadvantaged by their gender, background or ethnicity and encourage acceptance and inclusion of the children in their care;
  • Model the attitudes and behaviours we wish to promote in the children;
  • Respect the privacy of children and their families, sharing information sensitively and challenging any unprofessional comments;
  • Note any concerns about individual children and share such concerns with the appropriate members of staff, in line with school policy;
  • Be a committed member of the “School Team” and promote the school’s good name and reputation;
  • Take part in appropriate staff development or training activities made available by the school;
  • Be reliable, punctual and consistent and inform the headteacher promptly if unable to come to work;
  • Be prepared to respond flexibly and to accept new professional challenges.

Current Vacancies

LSA & Midday Supervisor

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We are always looking to recruit the best possible teaching staff at Merstham Primary School.  If you are interested in working at the school or at any other school within the GLF group, please submit a CV to