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New admissions

Admissions Policy

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Admissions Arrangements 2018-2019
Admissions Arrangements 2019-2020

We welcome visits from parents who are considering our school for their child. Meetings can be arranged readily with the headteacher to discuss any aspects of the school, to help parents make a more thoughtful and informed choice.

Our policy for Nursery admissions is informed by LA policy and office staff can provide information about this.

All children aged between 3 and 4 years old are eligible for the universal entitlement of 15 hours free early education. Some families are eligible for an extra 15 hours of free early education. This means that their entitlement will increase to a total of 30 hours per week during term time.  We also offer an extra 15 hours of paid hours.

Merstham Primary School Nursery offers 30 hour placements and there is still availability for September.

Working parents may be eligible for 30 hours nursery funding.  To check to see if you may be eligible Please use the link below

If you are eligible for 30 hours and have an 11 digit code, please contact us to apply for a nursery place.  We will need to verify your code with Surrey County Council prior to confirming your child’s
place so please provide us with your 11 digit code and your date of birth and national insurance number.  Once we have verified your code we will be able to offer you a place, subject to availability.

Merstham Nursery Application Form 2018-2019

Please note you will need to reconfirm your code through your government gateway account every  3 months.  You should receive a text or email prompt from HMRC to do this, however it is very important that you keep a note when your code needs reconfirming and remember to complete this process.  If you do not reconfirm your code and fall our of eligibility you will lose your extended entitlement and will only be able to access your universal 15 hours with us.

Parents of children admitted to our Nursery apply for Reception class places at Merstham in the usual way. Our Nursery children have no special priority for Reception class places.

How to attend an open morning

We hold open mornings during the Autumn term for entry into Reception and Nursery.  Dates for this year are as follows:

Reception 2019
Wednesday 17th October @ 9.30am
Tuesday 20th November @ 9.30am

Nursery 2018/2019
Wednesday 31st October @ 9.30am
Wednesday 21st November @ 9.30am

Please telephone our School Secretary, Mrs Welsh, on 01737 643978 or, email, if you need any further information