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Internet Safety

Merstham School aims to provide children with a rich and varied curriculum including equipping children with the skills necessary for computing.

Every class, from Nursery to Year 6, spends time in the Computer Suite each week using this facility to develop their computing skills as well as skills needed in many other subjects. Children also regularly use a range of mobile devices within the classroom. Children will use the internet, allowing faster access to many educational websites and resources. The Internet provides a number of important and valuable contributions that should enhance learning and understanding in all of the curriculum areas. Thousands of schools across the world now have access to the Internet, and many students are reaping the educational benefits of this medium.

Access to the Internet will enable pupils to explore thousands of libraries, databases, programs and other educational resources to broaden learning. Online materials are playing an increasing part in the curriculum (for example virtually visiting art exhibitions, places of worship or museums). As part of the school’s computing curriculum, we offer pupils supervised access to the Internet. In most educational activities, teachers provide the children with the Internet links but for the older children, further in-depth study of a topic can be provided by the use of Search Engines, which scan all the available sites for appropriate material.

As a result of the open nature of the Internet, there is some material that is unsuitable for viewing by children. Therefore, we have introduced procedures to enable your son/daughter to use the Internet facilities safely and securely. Our Internet access is provided through a company recommended by Surrey County Council. The system protects responsible users by electronic blocking, to prevent access to unsuitable materials and sites. The central computer database is updated weekly from a list constantly added to by a large team of specialist researchers. Children in Key Stage 2 are taught about the importance of e-safety and how to keep safe on the internet.

For further information on e-safety please see the CEOP website:

Before being allowed to use the Internet, all pupils must have parental permission. We ask that parents sign and return the policy form as evidence of acceptance and approval of the school’s rules on this matter. We will make every effort to ensure that unsuitable material is not viewed by your son/daughter. A member of staff will monitor all Internet sessions. Each member of staff and each pupil using the Internet must agree to follow the school’s Acceptable Use Policy. This policy sets out the rules, which must be adhered to, for the protection of all users.

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