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SEND provision

Special Educational Needs and Disability

We know that some of our children have a difficulty which affects their learning. This may be a disability or sensory impairment. It may be a difficulty with language development, learning or behaviour. These children are considered to have Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). About one in five children has a special educational need at some time in his or her school life. Like many schools nationally, we provide for children with SEN in steps according to their need. For the great majority of children, needs will be met by differentiation, interventions or SEN support. To make sure that we identify any concerns early and keep a good check on children’s progress, we place the names of those with SEND on our school’s SEND register. Some children are on the register for a short time, others for longer. We monitor those children carefully and make sure that there is extra support for them in school. We know that you can feel anxious and concerned about your child especially where a special educational need has been identified. Our Educational Inclusion leader, Miss Bremner, manages our provision for your child’s SEND. She can tell you about planning and support, explain assessments and advise on help at home. She will tell you about any professional involved with your child. If you need help or just wish to talk about your child, do make contact with your child’s class teacher, the educational inclusion leader or the headteacher.

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