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Clubs Autumn Term 2017 – Year 1 – Year 6

Clubs will be running on the following weeks
25th September, 2nd October, 9th October & 16th October
30th October, 13th November, 20th November & 27th November

Art – Year 1 & 2 (Wednesday 3.30-4.15pm)
Chess – Year 3-6 (Tuesday lunchtime)
Cookery – Year 1 (Tuesday 3.30-4.15pm)
Cross Country – Year 3-6 (Wednesday lunchtime)
Football – Year 5 & 6 (Wednesday 3.30-4.15pm)
Netball – Year 5 & 6 (Tuesday 3.30-4.15pm)
Recorder – Year 3-6 (Monday 3.30-4.15pm)
Table Top Role Playing Games – Year 5 & 6 (Wednesday lunchtime)
Young Voices – Year 3-6 (Thursday 3.30-4.30pm & Friday lunchtime)


At art we have lots of fun sticking, painting, drawing and cutting. We sometimes look at an artist’s work or we’ll do some still life observational drawings. We use paint, collage, oil pastels, sequins, glue, paper, card and plasticine.


In athletics club children are taught a range of skills in track and field events. They are encouraged to improve their technique in throwing, catching, running and jumping using a range of resources. Children may be selected to compete in the district Sportshall Athletics competition which is held every year in February.


We practise the songs for the Dorking Hall Music Festival where we join many choirs from the other schools in East Surrey for a communal sing a long which is very entertaining and highly enjoyable. We also sing at the school Christmas fair.


At cookery, we practise our culinary skills such as chopping and mixing to create mouth-watering menus such as fruit kebabs, stir fry, cheesy twigs, fairy cakes and trifle.


In cricket club we practise our batting, bowling and fielding skills. We also play weekly kwik cricket games. A district cricket tournament will be held later in the year.

Cross Country

Each week the children are shown how to warm up and down, using a variety of stretches. This is followed by cross country running, both on the school grounds and around the local area. Distances are increased each week to support the children in strengthening their stamina. The children are given the opportunity to compete in district and county cross country competitions, running distances of between 1.5km and 2.5km.


We meet weekly to practise skills and teamwork. We are part of the local schools football league and play matches, both home and away, throughout the autumn and spring term. We also play in the tournament which is held at the end of the season. We are lucky to have the continued support of Bob McGillivray who helps with club coaching.


In netball club we practise our throwing, catching, movement, footwork and shooting skills as well as learning the vital rules of the game and working as a team. We practise these skills specifically in small groups and through game play.


In Recorder club, we find out all about this musical instrument including how to get the best sound. Mrs Gillett helps us to learn musical notes and rhythm.


Each week the children are shown how to implement the rules of rounders in order to play. The children are encouraged to work as part of a team to strike and field in turn. A district rounders competition is held each year in the summer term and some of the children in this club will be chosen to represent Merstham in the competition.


Children will have the opportunity to extend their classroom knowledge, use a range of basic equipment and let their love for science grow through a variety of practical and fun activities.


A time where we practise our ball skills and have time to play football and other team games.


In hockey club we meet once a week to practise our skills at travelling, passing and shooting. The children take part in team building exercises and games which promote positive partner and teamwork.